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Mary Intermaggio, RN
First Name Mary
Last Name Intermaggio, RN
Company Consultant
Certifications CCM
Degrees BSN
Office Telephone (415) 453-2735
Adult Practice
Multiple Trauma, Psychiatric, Chronic Pain, Acquired Brain Injury
Pediatric Practice
Birth Injury, Psychiatric, Chronic Pain, Acquired Brain Injury, Multiple Trauma
61 Woodland Ave.
San Anselmo, California 94960
Donna Ivey
First Name Donna
Last Name Ivey
Company I-CARE, Inc
Office Telephone +703 (865) 589-3107
Since 1993, I have been the Founder and Administrator of a home care organization servicing Northern Virginia. We are providers of nursing and personal care services to clients of all ages who may be temporary or permanently confined to their home and in need care. In addition to providing home health and custodial care to clients, we also have a project manager onsite to assess the livability of our clients home and coordinates and manages contractors for modifications from a grab bar to stair lifts/elevators in the home. Finally, to make clients home bound status more enjoyable, we offer mobile spa services to make them feel great.
11325 Random Hills Road Suite 360
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
United States