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Susan Riddick-Grisham

Susan Riddick-Grisham

Susan Riddick-Grisham Life Careplanners Network Susan Riddick-Grisham has greater than 30 years of experience working with patients, families and clinical teams. Known for her skills as a catastrophic injury nurse case manager, Susan is also a nationally respected figure in the Life Care Planning community.

In 1992 she participated in the development of the first comprehensive national training program for life care planners. Her passion for assisting individuals with chronic disabling health conditions continues to drive the development of innovative educational programs. These programs enable Susan’s colleagues to better serve their clients and families. In addition, Susan is a frequently requested life care planner, consultant, speaker, author, and mentor.

Susan combines her nursing skills/knowledge and an advanced understanding of life care planning to assist individuals with chronic disabling health conditions and their families achieve their potential. For the last several years, Susan has applied her vision and approach to children of high medical needs by working with leaders in medicine, social services, government agencies and educators. Her goal is to facilitate dialogue, communication, networking and education to promote breakthrough strategies for pediatric life care planning.

Susan’s Book

Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management

Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management

In 2004 Susan served as editor of the first text specifically addressing life care planning for the pediatric client. Pediatric Life Care Planning and Case Management is now used in most life care planning training programs, and is available at these and other vendors:

Barnes and Noble


American Book Warehouse


Susan provides The Care Planner Network with a strategic vision for future applications of the life care planning process. She is committed to continued expansion of this practice area through collaborative relationships and innovative thinking.

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