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LCP Forum Email Discussion List

The “LCP Forum” is an email discussion list, or mailing list or “listserv”.*

Members of the Life Careplanner Network are encouraged to join the LCP Forum Email Discussion List to discuss issues that affect life care planning and case management, to share resources, and explore challenging case decisions.

To subscribe to the LCP Forum mailing list, please join the Life Careplanner Network.

To unsubscribe from the LCP Forum mailing list, please contact [email protected].

 Absolutely no marketing or data gathering is permitted on the LCP Forum Mailing List. Marketers and spammers will be removed immediately. Email messages sent to mailing list subscribers are scanned by an anti-virus / anti-malware program. You should always make sure that your own computer is clear of malware, and that your email password is strong — at least ten characters, using numbers, symbols, and lower and uppercase letters.

* (The LCP Forum is not a separate web page with additional content; rather, it is an informative email discussion list used by life careplanner professionals.)